Bathroom installation of SMG modern showers

modern showers – open up vistas for showering

Are you looking for modern showers which ooze style and gives you the creative freedom to design a contemporary styled bathroom?

When you think about contemporary interior design, a couple of things come to mind. Clean crisp lines, open space and quality craftsmanship. Bathrooms have evolved quite a bit in recent times. A very functional area of the home has become a room to lavish yourself in luxury and style.

What used to be the smallest room in the house now has pride of place and is seen as value add. Vast tiled areas or feature walls, frameless shower screens, bespoke vanities, toilets and lavish bath and shower fixtures have become the norm in Australian bathrooms.

The layout of a bathroom is important. Getting the balance of floor area right can be a challenge. Enter The Showermen Group. Thinking outside the box the New Zealand designers saw an opportunity to revolutionise the concept of modern showers. Unlike conventional shower systems, SMG modern showers was designed to be free standing and free of wall plumbing. A radical innovation that provides bathroom designers with untold flexibility.

Interior designers and architects are always looking for ways to stretch the envelop between form and function. Put simply, SMG showers can be positioned just about anywhere in the bathroom. Away from walls, against or mounted to frameless glass screens, which means floor drainage can be discretely positioned. Theres no question about the opportunities SMG presents to the designer of a bathroom.

The polished stainless steel and build quality exude style of many european shower systems on the market.

On the outside of the home SMG is equally innovative. The marine grade stainless steel shower is feature of your garden. Outdoor showers like pool showers, garden showers and beach showers are an essential part of your landscape design.

Make a statement with a designer bathroom equipped with one of SMG’s contemporary showers.