Shower Design Ideas for Interior Designers and Architects

Are you looking for shower design ideas? SMG Hamilton indoor showers and outdoor showers provide architects and interior designers with limitless flexibility to design bathrooms, outdoor living areas and entertainment space.

The Showermen Group’s innovative design and clean lines and polished stainless steel make it a stylish and luxurious inclusion in contemporary bathrooms and outdoor living areas. Our showers can be place centrally in rooms or away from fixed wall structures. This allows architects and interior designer to push the envelope in design and maximise space.

Bathroom installation of The Showermen Group shower

open up vistas for showering

Designed to feature and enhance

  • strong vertical structure allows the designer to accentuate height
  • position the shower “anywhere” free of wall mounting
  • create uninterrupted feature tiles
  • create free standing glassed shower areas or open wet areas

High quality materials, finish and function

  • seamless marine grade stainless steel construction
  • polished
  • adjustible height

SMG Hamilton provides three stylish designs to suit a variety of spaces and functional scenarios:

1. Outdoor shower – free standing pole is suited pool shower, beach shower or garden shower
2. Indoor (bathroom) shower – floor to ceiling is suited to variety of spaces and bathroom designs
3. Indoor (bathroom) shower – freefall can be suspended from ceiling

Shower design ideas for accessibility for elderly or disabled

  • SMG Hamilton showers can be placed at the entry of centre of the recess where control of the shower flow and temperature is within easy reach and out of the water flow.

Shower design idea for heritage listed or common wall properties

  • SMG Hamilton can be customised to suit ceilings of varying heights, plumbed top or bottom and no inwall plumbing, creates options for properties requiring additional bathroom facilities with wall construction constraints.

Shower design ideas for resort or hotel accommodation

  • Durable and extremely serviceable marine grade stainless steel construction
  • The Showermen Group creates unlimited opportunities to maximise views using frameless glass screens mounting
  • Open wet rooms
  • Stylish free standing pool side shower
  • Stylish free standing gymnasium shower
  • Flexible and functional bathroom shower with adjustable shower head

Shower design ideas for garden, pool or beach side locations

  • SMG can be incorporated into a variety of existing landscape themes or retrofitted
  • Durable and extremely serviceable marine grade stainless steel construction
  • Stylish free standing pool, garden or beach shower

Resources for architect and interior designers

View a range of shower ideas at our installation gallery .

Download planning resources and technical drawings

If you are looking for shower that gives your that designer bathroom look or a stylish outdoor shower, then consider SMG Hamilton Indoor.

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